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You need a mobile first website design to be competitive on today’s search engines. Here is why -

Back in the day, websites were built from a desktop pc, then WordPress came along and by using a plugin a version was made that fit the tablet and smartphone. That concept was called a "Responsive Website".

As of July 2019, Google has changed the rules again and your website must be "Mobile First" and load in less than "3 seconds" for the website to be considered for ranking on the first page of the search engines. So, build for the smartphone mobile website first - Mobile First - also make sure you build for speed! Your next question should be 'How can I build for a smartphone first?

The Answer is easy. Use our 'Mobile First' website builder.

By using the Mobile First Website Builder platform you can create truly amazing mobile first websites and extremely advanced websites easily. From designer templates already optimized to the mobile first platform for speed. Your website will also be optimized to the tablet and desktop.

It is like designing three websites at the same time!

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